Video: A Sea Monster Named Jim

Olivier Rieppel and Jim Holstein tell the tale of the giant Lizard Eating Sovereign of the Sea (named Jim!). Touted as the "T. rex of the Sea," the Triassic sea monster was unearthed and brought back to The Field Museum where we hope to learn more about this new species. Research into this fascinating creature may teach us something about biodiversity crises and the recovery of ecosystems, both past and present.

Science at FMNH : Ep. 44 - African Paleontology

The Permian and Triassic periods (approximately 299 to199 million years ago) are critical times in Earth history. Among the many important events that occurred during this interval is the largest mass extinction in Earth history. In 2009, Dr. Ken Angielczyk and an international team of scientists explored for and excavated fossils throughout Zambia to gain new insight into the causes of and recovery from the end-Permian mass extinction in terrestrial vertebrate-dominated communities.

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