Blogs & Videos: A Greener Field

Recycling at The Field Museum

Perhaps you’ve noticed the blue recycling carts around The Field Museum, the customized recycling bins in the Field Bistro, Explorer Café and the Siragusa Center, and if you are here on Members' Nights, a variety of other recycling containers in the halls behind the scenes. If so, we hope you’ve found them easy to use! The Field Museum diverted 53% of its waste from landfills in 2016, with 31 tons of that amount being captured in the blue carts.

A bright orange and black butterfly on a purple flower with yellow center

Every Flower Counts: Five Reasons to Add Native Plants to Your Garden

There are easy and specific things everyone can do to help out the monarch butterfly and other native pollinators. One action you can take is to beautify your yard: plant native plants, especially milkweeds, in your garden or in containers.