2 Extinctions, 1 New Species, and… chess?| Natural News from The Field Museum | Ep. 5

You win some, and you lose some: this is true in games of chess, and sometimes in science, too. A newly discovered species can never replace the loss of another - but we persevere.

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A moment to remember our lost invertebrate friends: 
“Two unique beetles in Arizona, Kentucky go extinct after lengthy delays in protection,” Center for Biological Diversity.

Field Museum specimens on display in chess exhibit!

World Chess Hall of Fame, St. Louis, Missouri. For more information about the exhibit (and LOTS of images!) 

First vertebrate survey conducted in Northern Ugandan forest: 
Holly Lutz’s research website has a ton of great information about her research and past field expeditions.

A Mushroom for Chicago: 
Taxonomic info from Mycoguide.

“Local scientists name new mushroom species after Chicago,” WTTW Chicago Tonight.