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How a Bill Becomes a Law: Field Museum Style

This summer museum educators including The Field Museum’s Beth Crownover helped pass a law to ensure that Illinois teachers could continue developing their skills at museum-led workshops.   For the past two years, a law had been keeping museums from offering credit to teachers attending their professional development programs. The new law, which passed on July 24, reinstitutes museums as a source of high quality resources for educators.

Sound Planet 2013

Sound Planet was an intensive one-week sound design workshop that investigated the field of Anthropology through the lens of music. In this program, teens explored how cultures around the world have created instruments and music that is reflective of their history and environment. Students explored sounds and music throughout the Museum’s exhibitions and behind the scenes in the Museum’s collections.

Digital Planet: Creatures of the Watery Abyss Showcase

Digital Planet: Creatures of the Watery Abyss was an intensive one week video making workshop about life at the bottom of the ocean. Teens from Chicagoland and beyond met Associate Curator Dr. Janet Voight and learned about what it is like to research ocean life thousands of feet beneath the surface. Teens travelled (virtually) to ocean depths rarely seen, learned the secrets of bioluminescent  fishes, and experienced a behind-the-scenes tour of The Field Museum's Collection Resource Center. These young film makers then selected a topic and created a short video on it.

Digital Planet: Climate Change Showcase

Digital Planet: Climate Change was a collaboration with The Pearson Foundation's New Learning Institute. The week-long workshops had a group of teens meet with climate experts and discuss the effects that our actions have on our environment. Using a social networking web site, teens were able to share their experiences and thoughts in and out of the museum. They then worked in groups to create short videos that shared a message on climate change. Here are some of the highlights:

Digital Planet: Antarctica Showcase

Digital Planet: Antarctica focused on Peter Makovicky's 2011 expedition to Antarctica to collect fossils of the Cryolophosaurus and was a collaboration with The Pearson Foundation's New Learning Institute. Teens learned about his expedition by working with Dr. Makovicky and other members of The Field Museum's geology staff. Teens each created a video on either the expedition or it's discoveries using iMovie and Nokia N97 phones. The videos were entirely produced, filmed and edited by the participants. Here are some of the highlights: