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A woman reaches up to tape a postcard to a wall covered in similar postcards, all reading "Speak up for" with different words written in.

Speak Up For Science

We believe in inspiring discovery, sharing engaging learning experiences, and uncovering solutions for a better world. And on the anniversary of the March for Science, we invite you to join us in seeing that vision through.

A large dinosaur skeleton standing on a brown surface and leaning forward menacingly, in a museum gallery

Meet SUE’s Future Neighbors: A Dino-Mite Tour Through the Hall of Dinosaurs

While SUE the T. rex is off display, there’s still a whole crew of dinos out to play. Take a tour of the Hall of Dinosaurs in Evolving Planet to get acquainted with some of SUE’s future neighbors, from fellow tyrannosaur Daspletosaurus to the super-tall sauropods. 

This Fossil Arachnid Penis was a HUGE Discovery

One of the most important characteristics that scientists who study insects, arachnids & other spider relatives look at to determine new species is the genitalia (so, penises). Dr. Jason Dunlop, who researches fossil spiders in amber, shared this big discovery with us on our visit to Berlin. More Brain Scoop from the Museum für Naturkunde. Dr. Jason Dunlop The World Spider Catalogue

Two women wearing headlamps peer into the mouth of a large taxidermy elephant

Q&A with a Conservator: The Complex Cultural Use History of Elephant Ivory

Stephanie Hornbeck is our Head of Conservation. A specialist in ethnographic objects conservation, she treats a variety of artifact materials, including elephant ivory. Beyond her familiarity with ivory objects, Stephanie has a personal interest in the biological conservation of elephants, which are endangered animals.