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Two women wearing green shirts reaching into large blue recycling bins

No Napkin Left Behind: Why Zero Waste Matters

In December, we hosted the first-ever Chicago Community Climate Forum. This event, which took place on the eve of the North American Climate Summit, brought together nearly 1,500 community members and 70 organizations under one roof—an encouraging sign of Chicago’s commitment to take action against climate change.

Caihong juji. Illustration: Velizar Simeonovski

A Prehistoric Rainbow: Newly Discovered Dinosaur Species Had Colorful Feathers

Birds are the last remaining dinosaurs, and they’re also some of the most vibrantly colored animals on Earth. A new study reveals that these iridescent feathers go way back—like 161 million years back. Caihong juji, a newly discovered species of dinosaur, was duck-sized with a bony crest on its head, and long, ribbon-like feathers that were likely iridescent. These “rainbow” feathers would have shifted colors and shimmered in the light. Caihong juji means “rainbow with the big crest” in Mandarin. 

Rendering of the interior of a large, white classical building with large green gardens hanging from the ceiling

Return to the Age of the Dinosaurs: 35-foot Pterosaurs and Hanging Gardens Are Joining the Titanosaur

In the spring of 2018, we’ll unveil a cast of the largest dinosaur ever discovered: a 122-foot-long titanosaur is coming to our main Stanley Field Hall. And while SUE the T. rex is moving to their own new gallery, the titanosaur won’t be lonely—it’ll be joined by life-size replicas of giant flying reptiles and hanging gardens inspired by plants that lived alongside dinosaurs, like ferns, cycads, and arums.