Chicago Community Climate Action Toolkit Profile: Bronzeville

-- This is a working project page. Below you will find information and tools related to the Chicago Community Climate Action Toolkit project.  --


  1. Host healthy cooking demonstrations in community gardens
  2. Conduct neighborhood green tours and field trips
  3. Disseminate information about local green economy opportunities in Bronzeville

THE STRATEGY: Use Field Museum Research, the City's Chicago Climate Action Plan, and the Chicago Wilderness Climate Action Plan for Nature as roadmaps for community-based climate action. Learn more about the Toolkit Climate Action Approach in Bronzeville.

THE PLAYERS: The Bronzeville Alliance Green Team, Centers for New Horizons, Eden Place Nature Center, Little Black Pearl, Urban Juncture Foundation, and The Field Museum's Science Action Center.

THEIR STORY: The Bronzeville Alliance Green Team and their partners are linking issues that are important to Bronzeville residents—such as a desire for healthy, fresh food and new economic opportunities—to actions that will lessen the effects of climate change in their neighborhood. Gardens created by the community serve a number of cultural and environmental needs; they are a source of fresh and healthy foods, promote community building and engagements with nature, and are also living sites that demonstrate climate-friendly cultural practices in the area. These community partners are building upon local opportunities, resources, and needs to make climate action local through innovative ideas such as healthy cooking demonstrations taking place in community gardens, neighborhood green tours, and informative and engaging field trips geared towards families. Find out more information including times and places for The Green Bronzeville Cooking Demonstrations, Tours & Directories, and Fieldtrips.(coming soon)

This project helps community members to:

  1. Inform residents about the necessity for sustainability and shows how to successfully implement sustainable practices
  2. Build and beautify communal spaces
  3. Provide healthy food and educate others about healthy eating
  4. Show the neighborhood what is possible—and inexpensive—to accomplish

TAKE ACTION:  See what How-to Guides have been created by these partners. Here you will find links to more resources and step-by-step guides you can use in your own project! As the project progresses, more tools will be added to this section.(coming soon)

See how the project is coming along (flickr)

About this project: The project provides community organizations from the Bronzeville, Pilsen, South Chicago, and Forest Glen neighborhoods with financial and technical support to create tools for engaging their residents in programs that address both climate change and neighborhood concerns.