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A bright orange and black butterfly on a purple flower with yellow center

Every Flower Counts: Five Reasons to Add Native Plants to Your Garden

Chicagoland used to be a vast prairie buzzing with life and supporting thousands of species of insects, birds, and other animals. As the area was developed and farmed, the landscape became fragmented, leading to the demise of many animal and plant populations. A recent—and very much publicized—effect has been the decline of the monarch butterfly, an insect that migrates annually from Mexico to Canada, spending a lot of time in the Midwest along the way.

A little ornithology on vacation

We go on vacation to Shannon’s hometown of Trail, British Columbia each August.  Trail is a wonderful, small town along the Columbia River just north of the Canada/U.S. border.  I wanted to write this because even here I can combine vacation with a small contribution to ornithology.  Yesterday was our first morning in Trail, I got up early and went out for a walk up onto the ridge above Sunningdale, the neighborhood where Shannon’s Mom lives.