Come to Cinema Science: THE BIRDS!

I'm very excited to be participating in the Field Museum and Music Box Theater's collaborative film series Cinema Science. The program pairs a Field Museum scientist with a famous movie that has something to do with their area of expertise--Pete Mackovicky hosted Jurassic Park, for example, and Kevin Feldheim hosted Jaws. I get to be the next scientist in the series, hosting a showing of the Alfred Hitchcock classic THE BIRDS, with its gulls, crows, and various other overly-aggressive avifauna. The movie even features--in my favorites scene--a skeptical ornithologist. It starts at 2:00pm on Saturday, June 20, at the Music Box Theater in the Lakeview neighborhood of Chicago. I'll be giving a short talk before the movie and hosting a Q&A after. It should be great!



Alfred Hitchcock used a combination of real birds and footage of real birds to create the special effects in THE BIRDS.