The Day I Was Lost At The Field Museum

Two good things happened to me last summer while I was working with The Field Museum-

1. I had the opportunity to experience both the Museum and the awesome people who work there-

2. I got lost-

See; apparently there is much more to The Field Museum than you see when you explore the exhibits and displays- Personally I have been coming to The Field Museum as a member for over 8 years and I still find areas that I've never seen before in the main exhibition halls- but that is only as they say 'The Tip Of The Iceberg'. There is so much more squirreled away behind; above; below; around and in the ether of the rest of the museum space proper that you cannot help but be held in awe by what is really there !

When I 'got lost' last summer; and by lost I mean actually lost to the point of panic as I took turn after turn down hallway after hallway; actually passing the same perplexed staff member three times! I stumbled upon what can only be described a minature museum within the museum. A collection of rooms and hallways which had on display artifacts relevant to natural history and the diversity of our natural world. I examined about a 100 species of trees that I had never heard of- There were relief maps of the river valleys in the U.S. There was a display where it was explained how plant models were made all of 70 years ago. I accidentally walked into a room full of what I can only describe as meteroites and after taking a left instead of a right I ended up in a respectable library that would rival those at colleges around the country. There was so much to look at that it has inspired me to post a series- 'The Top Ten Rooms That You've Never Been In' for my next blog posts !

In all honesty I learned more from my 'lost walk' than I learned in any single class I had ever been in so the experience was valuable. I would encourage any and all to take any opportunity to glimpse into the backrooms of the museum and if the chance arises to get a little lost themselves.