DNA Discovery Center and its educational outreach

The DNA Disco Center staff is busy evaluating applications for the DNA Residency Program.  This is the fourth summer we are offering the residency program, and it really is a tremendous time for celebration of learning, personal and scientific growth, and having fun with terrific teenagers and teachers.  I think I can speak for Erica and Kevin when we say how much we end up loving the summer time and the people we spend it with.

Every year making decisions on who to interview and accept into the program is a painful process for the three of us because we end up rejecting many many extremely qualified students and teachers.  The students we end up getting are always inspirational in how smart they are, how hard they work, and in what they accomplish, but we always wish we could spend time with more of the applicants.  The experience is so personalized that we really don't have the capacity to expand the program to a larger scale, even if we had the space or financial resources to do so.

This year, one of the teacher applicants sent us to a link for the DNA Discovery Center promoting it as a place of learning for DNA.  These are the kinds of interactions that make me grateful for the support we had in opening the exhibit and for all the terrific people who have been involved in the summer programs.  We hope our new web site lets us do even more communicating about the wonders of the museum.