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A special issue of Phytotaxa dedicated to Bryophytes: The closest living relatives of early land plants

The compilation of the volume can be attributed to a community effort and the high quality of papers is the product of all those who participated as reviewers, contributors and editorial support. In preparing for the volume, it became evident that the study of liverworts, hornworts, and mosses remains strong and has a healthy future as evidenced by contributions from senior scientists, post-doctoral researchers and doctoral students. We include 13 scientific papers from 35 authors. 

Plant of the Week: a new tree species (ANNONACEAE Guatteria sancti-crucis) for Peru and Bolivia

An important tree species in Madre de Dios department of Peru has finally been described as a new species:  Guatteria sanctae-crucis.  This tree in the family Annonaceae  (which includes the pawpaw of Eastern North America, and the Custard Apple, Guanabana or Soursop of the American tropics) was first collected in 1974 in the Manu Park of Southeastern Peru by Robin Foster (Ecologist, ECCo and Adjunct Curator, Botany).