Excursion to southern Thailand - February 2011

I spent two weeks in February in southern Thailand, collecting lichens with my Thai colleague Dr. Khwanruan Papong (see picture), called "Poo". We focused on two families of lichens: 1) Lecanoraceae for which Poo has a grant from the Thai government to study the diversity of this lichen family in Thailand, and 2) thelotremoid Graphidaceae, which are currently being studied by Field Museum lichenologists, supported by a grant of the National Science Foundation (NSF). Poo and me collected in the area around Krabi and Phang-nga in the south of Thailand, which are popular tourist destinations. However, while the coast is busy with tourists, we only rarely saw anyone in the rainforests in the inland areas. We could collect fresh material of a number of species and will prepare the samples for DNA studies when they arrive by mail back in Chicago. The trip was kindly supported by a grant of the Thai government.