Extreme Animals Competition


This week, join The Field Museum on Facebook for some friendly, hypothetical competition between members of the animal kingdom in our Extreme Animals Competition.

The competitors, both extinct and living, include representatives from mammals, reptiles, birds, sharks, and insects.

The winner of this bracket will be decided by popular vote. Fill out your own bracket and follow along with daily votes on Facebook to choose the ultimate Extreme Animal champion. Voting begins on Tuesday, August 2, and the winner will be announced on Tuesday, August 9. We’ll do a behind-the-scenes livestream Q&A with a Field Museum scientist about the winner!

Who will go all the way to capture the Extreme Animals title? Share your brackets with us on Facebook or Twitter @FieldMuseum. Learn more about the competitors here to make your decisions:

Speedy Sprinters: Pronghorn v. Peregrine falcon 

Scary Chompers: Saltwater crocodile vs. Helicoprion

Armored Defenders: Glyptodont vs. Ironclad beetle

Fierce Predators: Terror bird vs. Dire wolf