Blogs & Videos: Flowering Plants

Born from the Ashes

You know that part in Game of Thrones where the dragon eggs hatch when they’re put in fire? This is like that, but with a super-endangered flower. Illinois’s only native wildflower, the Kankakee mallow, has been missing from this state for years—it was presumed extinct in its native habitat. But this year, Field Museum scientists and volunteers from the Friends of Langham Island group were able to bring it back. Their secret? Setting fire to the ground where the plants once lived.

New Rapid Color Guide - Common Goldenrods of the Chicago Region

The Field Museum's Division of Environment, Culture, and Conservation recently produced a new rapid color guide to goldenrods of the Chicago Region.  A free full-color guide can be downloaded from our webpage at  Take it into the field this weekend and start identifying those pesky, confusing goldenrod species.