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2011 REU Intern Gregor-Fausto Siegmund

Calibrating phylogenies: are we using the right fossils?

GREGOR-FAUSTO SIEGMUND Sophomore Biological Sciences major at The University of Chicago REU Mentor: Dr. Peter Makovicky (Curator, Geology) Symposium Presentation Title: Measuring the quality of the avian fossil record to explain the ‘rock-clock’ divide of the avian evolutionary timescale.

Evolution and ecology in modular organisms

Bryozoan zooidmodules interact with other units and are integrated both within themselves and in an inclusive whole. They originate from budding loci and differentiate as populations of cells. However, they are also inclusive of another level of modularity, in that organs differentiate as entities or parts of the zooids. Both levels of modularity can be individuated using key criteria of evolutionary developmental biology.