Glow Rocks

It's a GLOW ROCK DANCE PARTY! This video is best watched in the dark! p.s. I've never actually been to a real dance party and had to Google "what are raves like" - turns out they're nothing like this, which is too bad, because this video was a ton of fun to make

In this video we explore the special properties of fluorescent and phosphorescent minerals to learn how and why they 'glow' under UV light ('black light').

Thanks to Jim for all of his help with this video! And thanks to my sister Serri Graslie for helping with the posters. Did you know you can make signs that also glow under black light (uv light) by using regular ol' highlighters and white poster board?! Sharpie makes a 'Neon' color pack that works, too! This isn't an ad, I just thought it was really cool, and it could be a great activity in the classroom or for learning/playing at home.  

ALSO NOT AN AD: To capture the phosphorescence of minerals under shortwave UV light - and film it in complete darkness - we rented a Sony A7s. Technology is ~*magical*~