How Bird Vomit Helps Us Understand History

Like many kids, I dissected owl pellets when I was in school - but I never realized they can be used by scientists to learn about certain aspects of an ecosystem. And today, paleontologists like Matt McDowell are using these pellets to learn about the history of an environment, to preserve them for the future.

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Natural News from The Field Museum, our new news show!

"Looking forward to the past: what fossils tell us about extinction." 

"Extinction means more than a loss of species to Australia's delicate ecosystems." 

Learn more about Matt's work and research.

You can (and should!) read Matt's papers, which we referenced for this episode. 

Matthew McDowell's research is being supported by The Field Museum, and a grant from the Australia Awards -- Endeavour Scholarships and Fellowships. For more information, visit their website.