Nathan Leopold, the Field Museum, and WTTW

I've spent a lot of time this week with Jay Shefsky (of WTTW, Chicago's PBS affiliate) and Joel Greenberg (author of A Feathered River Across the Sky). Jay's been working on a feature story about Nathan Leopold, murderer and ornithologist, for Chicago Tonight. We've filmed in three locations: The Field Museum, the Elgin Public Museum, and Leopold's archives in Northwestern University's Deering Library. It should be a great story, one featuring murder and museums, thankfully topics that rarely intersect. These are a few pictures from our outings, but I'll be posting more about this topic in the future. We've learned a lot of interesting stuff about Leopold, his specimen collection, and his relationship with The Field Museum. I'll be sure to post again when the piece airs.


Jay, Joel, and I took a field trip to the Elgin Public Museum, where much of Leopold's specimen collection was said to have been donated. Photo © Josh Engel.


Jay Shefsky discusses (and films) Leopold specimens that are on display in the Elgin Public Museum with Sara Russell, the museum's coordinator. Photo © Josh Engel.


A eclectic group of birds--hummingbirds from South America, a bowerbird from Australia, and a duck and grosbeak from North America--all displayed together in the Victorian style at the Elgin Public Museum. Photo © Josh Engel.