Ovenbird in the House

Last Saturday while out for my morning stroll with my dog I noticed a small bird on the ground in obvious distress, likely from crashing into a window.  I pick the little bird up and brought him home. It was a small bird with an olive colored back, speckled underside, and a dull orange crest. My wife took a few photos of our feathered visitor which we emailed to Dr. Dave Willard, an ornithologist at the Field Museum, who reported back that we had found an ovenbird. They migrate in the spring from their wintering grounds in the southern US and Mexico to their breeding habitat in Canada.  After a few minutes of holding the ovenbird in my hand I could feel its strength returning and it perched on my finger.  We took it outside and after a bit of hesitation the bird flew up into a tree to rest for a few more minutes before continuing on with the spring migration.  There is no better way to spend a Saturday morning than in a chance encounter with nature.

Photo Credit: Liz Markel, Tipping Point Photography