Romance of Ants Exhibit

This public museum exhibit (featured from 2010-2012) The Romance of Ants at the Field Museum features Assistant Curator, Corrie Moreau

This exhibit tells the story of how Corrie went from playing with ants on the sidewalks of New Orleans as a child, to studying with E.O. Wilson at Harvard University, and eventually to joining the scientific staff at the Field Museum.  This innovative exhibit mixes media including a giant living ant farm, larger than life color photographs of ants by insect photographer, Alex Wild, and a black and white graphic novel by Field Museum insect research assistant, Alexandra Westrich.  Although the focus of the graphic novel is Corrie's path from a small child to Field Museum curator, the science she conducts behind-the-scenes and in the DNA Discovery Center is also explained - from using DNA to reconstruct the ant tree of life, to bacteria that live in the guts of ants to help them gain nutrients from their diets, to understanding how climate change affects biodiversity. 

The Romance of Ants public exhibit highlights the integrative and collaborative nature of all of the Field Museum departments from the scientific staff to the exhibitions team to the education department to share science to diverse audiences. 

Be sure to download a copy of the graphic novel that accompanies The Romance of Ants at the exhibit below.