Sucky Fish & Relationship Advice from Ants | Natural News from The Field Museum | Ep. 3

I still want to know what happened to those fish that escaped from the dentist’s office in ‘Finding Nemo.’ 


1. Boy, that sucks…
First record of the non-native suckermouth armored catfish Hypostomus cf. niceforoi (Fowler 1943) (Siluriformes: Loricariidae) from Central America,” W. A. Matamoros, C. D. McMahan et al. Occasional papers from the Museum of Natural Science, LSU (2016)

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Don’t dump that aquarium: Cute aquarium fish become ugly monsters in springs and streams,” Larry D. Hodge. Texas parks and wildlife magazine, retrieved 8.31.16

2. Emily’s relationship advice… 

Comparative genomics reveals convergent rates of evolution in ant-plant mutalisms,” Benjamin E. R. Rubin & Corrie S. Moreau. Nature communications (2016)

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