T. rex Arms & BEARDOGS! | Natural News from The Field Museum | Ep. 6

We’ve got three big stories talking about tiny things! Tiny arms, tiny plants, tiny beardog fossils. Big science. Want more natural history research? Check out the other episodes of NN! 

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Illustrations by Studio 252MYA

Sue Lends a Hand for Science
Sue the T. rex is giving her arm for science — temporarily,” Chicago Tribune. 

Unsung Heroes of Science - Norma Pfeiffer
"Chicago, Seeking Lost Glory, Hunts for a Plant Last Seen in 1916," The Wall Street Journal, 2016.
"Botanists come crawling to find a tiny rare plant," Chicago Tribune, 1991.
Searching for Thismia,” Chicago Reader, 1994.

Beardogs! ...They’re a Thing:
Whence the beardogs? Reappraisal of the Middle to Late Eocene ‘Miacis’ from Texas, USA, and the origin of Amphicyonidae (Mammalia, Carnivora)” Royal Society Open Science.

Chihuahua-sized fossil “beardogs” shed new light on evolution of dogs and their relatives.,” K. Golembiewski. Fieldmuseum.org.