Tully monster mystery SOLVED!

How is it that a Museum can have 1,200+ fossils of a particular species in its collection since the 1960's... and not even know what it is? For decades, it was thought the 'Tully monster' -- a bizarre animal that lived 307 million years ago -- was an invertebrate, like a kind of worm. But in March, Field Museum scientists helped finally crack the mystery of the monster, to reveal it's actually related to lamprey fish. BOOM.

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"The 'Tully monster' is a vertebrate," Nature, 16 March 2016. 

For even more detailed information on the history of the Tully monster and other Mazon Creek fossils, watch 'Tully: Monster vs Method'

Check out our website for more info about the Tully monster and other specimens from this collection!

Fossil Invertebrates


Big thanks to Scott Lidgard and Paul Mayer for entertaining one more interview about the Tully monster!