Blogs & Videos: Women in Science

A female staff member talks with a group of female interns, showing them a range of insect specimens.

Meet the Field Museum Women In Science (FMWIS) Interns

Today our 2013 Field Museum Women In Science (FMWIS) summer interns shared their summer research with the public.  It was great fun to see our high school intern, Racquel Kelley, show off some of flesh eating beetles that clean the bones of the birds she is helping curate, and hear our undergraduate intern, Stephanie Morgan, get visitors of all ages excited about ants and the importance of our collections (see the associated photo). 

Video: The Birds and the Trees

Are condors more closely related to hawks or to storks?  New research constantly changes our understanding of how birds are related to each other.  At the Field Museum, Shannon Hackett, John Bates, and Dave Willard keep close eyes on avian systematics, the study of evolutionary relationships among birds.  In the past few years, Shannon has collaborated with researchers from other institutions on the Early Bird project to ask big-picture question of how all birds fit on the avian tree of life.