Deep Scaly - Data

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Primers (63 KB)


  • CT images
  • C&S images
  • SEM images
  • Skeletal images

Taxon List (90 KB)

Links related to Townsend et al. (Mol. Phylogenet. Evol., 47(2008)129–142)

1. Below is a  link to an outline of the gene-finding process

a. Gene Search Outline.doc

2. Below are links to protocols used in the three molecular labs 

a. Reeder_PCR_protocol.doc

b. SitesLabProtocols.doc

c. Wiens_LabProtocols.xls

3. Below is a link to a Nexus file containing amniote alignments and suggested primers for genes developed during this project.

a. 79alignments.txt