Archaeological Science: Partnerships

The Field Museum Elemental Analysis Facility encourages collaborative projects with researchers at other institutions. To inquire about conducting collaborative research at the EAF, please contact us. The following are some of our current collaborators:

  • Emily Stovel, Ripon College, WI, LA-ICP-MS and XRF analysis of Chilean ceramics
  • Steven Kosiba, Monmouth University, NJ, LA-ICP-MS analysis of Kilke ceramics
  • Emily Peterson, University of Washington, LA-LA-ICP-MS analysis of Indonesian ceramics
  • Jennifer Zovar, Vanderbilt University, TN, LA-ICP-MS analysis of Bolivian ceramics
  • Abigail Levine, University of California-Los Angeles, CA, LA-ICP-MS analysis of formative period Peruvian ceramics
  • Susan McIntosh, Mamadou Cissé, Rice University, TX, LA-ICP-MS analysis of ceramics and glass beads from Gao, Mali
  • Florence Cattin, Université de Montréal, Canada, LA-ICP-MS analysis of native cooper from eastern North America
  • Mark Mitchell, University of Colorado, LA-ICP-MS analysis of copper artifacts from the Northern Great Plains
  • Paul Jett, Freer-Sackler Gallery, Smithsonian, DC, compositional analysis of Chinese gold
  • Blythe McCarthy, Freer-Sackler Gallery, Smithsonian, DC, compositional analysis of Minai ceramics
  • Sutee Veerwan, University of Arizona, AZ, compositional analysis of glazed stonewares from Thailand
  • Carolyn Swan, Brown University, RI, compositional analysis of medieval Turkish glass
  • Nadine Schibille, Oxford University, UK, compositional analysis of Islamic Turkish glass
  • Marilee Wood, Uppsala University, Sweden, compositional analysis of glass from Chibuene, Mozambique
  • Jolie Liston, Australian National University, compositional analysis of money beads from Palau       
  • Rahul Oka, Notre Dame University, IN, compisitonal analysis of Chinese porcelains and Celadons
  • John Dudgeon, Idaho State University, ID
  • Hector Neff, California State University-Long Beach, CA