Phylografter is a web application for evolutionary biologists to use in not only in visualizing and annotating phylogenetic trees, but to 'graft' published trees together to create a context for collaboration among biologists. It is currently being implemented, the source can be found here :

VoLE: Viewer of Life in EOL

VoLE uses EOL APIs to create a browseable and searchable treemap of Encyclopedia of Life pages. The space-filling treemap layout is created using the Javascript Infovis Toolkit and leaf nodes can display images or data from the EOL.


MandibLever 3.3 is a java interface for simulation of the mandibular lever model for the jaw of fishes using muscle design and the Hill equation for non-linear length-tension properties of muscle to calculate dynamic power output. The model uses morphometric data on skeletal dimensions and muscle proportions in order to predict behavior and force transmission mediated by lever action. Users of MandibLever might include anyone with the appropriate morphometrics from any vertebrate jaw (excluding most mammals with their muscle slings).