Fieldiana: Peer Reviewers

The Field Museum is grateful to our colleagues for improving the quality of contributions to Fieldiana through their frank and thoughtful evaluations of manuscripts.

Peer reviewers are asked to complete a one-page Referee's Checklist for Fieldiana. This form is sent to each reviewer and is also available below. Questions on this form can serve as a general guide in reviewing the manuscript, although we very highly value ad hoc comments on each manuscript.  The referee is asked to check one of the following recommendations:

  • Accept without revision
  • Accept with revisions
  • Do not accept without major revision but encourage resubmission
  • Reject

The identity of the reviewer is confidential unless you explicitly state otherwise; the author(s) receives a copy of the form without the reviewer's name.

Reviewers are encouraged to provide additional specific suggestions and/or candid criticisms that they may have of the manuscript in addition to answering the questions on the form. Although reviewers are encouraged to make constructive comments, it is essential that issues of substance be clearly identified. The title of the manuscript and the first author’s name should appear at the top of this sheet.

Each reviewer is asked to provide the following materials:

  • Completed Referee's Checklist
  • Additional comments sheet(s) (as needed)
  • Original manuscript if marked with reviewer’s comments

Manuscripts that are not returned to the Associate Editor should be destroyed. The contents of manuscripts are the property of the author(s) and are to be treated as confidential prior to publication.