The Field Museum's vast natural history collections hold crucial information for on-the-ground conservation action. This page highlights some of the identification tools developed by the Keller Science Action Center and our partners.

Field Guides

The Field Museum is the world's largest clearinghouse of field guides to the world's plants and animals. Most of our more than 500 guides focus on the biodiversity of tropical areas for which few identification tools exist. They can be downloaded for free and laminated to create quick reference guides for the field.

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Neotropical Herbarium Specimens

Identifying specimens is a time-consuming process. These high-resolution scanned images of plant specimens from the New World tropics housed in the Field Museum herbarium help ecologists and conservationists speed up identification. This searchable database currently contains more than 50,000 specimens representing nearly 30,000 plant species.

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Live Plant Photographs

This is one of the largest curated collections of tropical plant images we know of, and a key tool for identifying plants in New World tropical rainforests. The searchable database contains more than 20,000 images representing some 7,000 species.

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