Illinois Peregrines - Webcams

South Loop Male Peregrine Brooding on Webcam

Please Note: Illinois Peregrine webcams are active April - July.

Watch the progress of nesting Peregrine Falcons through live streaming webcams! Thanks to the generous support of our site hosts who fund and maintain their web cameras, we are able to peer into the nests of a few of Illinois’ Peregrine families.


Waukegan Peregrine Webcam
NRG - Waukegan

Our Waukegan site has been active since 2001. Since then, more than 50+ young have fledged from here. Each spring it is important to identify the adults. Try to read the leg bands if/when the adult gets close to the camera. Last year (2015) construction activity near the box prompted the falcons to nest in a more secluded location nearby.  This year they have been seen courting inside the box. We have great hopes that they will use the nest box again this year.



South Loop Peregrine Webcam
South Loop

In 2016, we had a new female (Bob, and yes, her name is Bob) paired with the unbanded Mr. M.  With the camera on early, we have already been able to identify the adults for this year.  Bob has again returned but has been seen with a new unbanded male.  We can confirm it is a new male as the previous one (nicknamed Mr. M) has a distinctive foot injury. As to this new pairing resulting in a successful breeding, we'll just have to wait and see.



UIC Peregrine Webcam
UIC - University of Illinois at Chicago

Interesting to note -  the location of this nest is on the same building as used in 1986 as our first hatch site.  The building is undergoing renovations, but the adults have been present on the nest ledge.  Once the renovations are complete, the Peregrines will have improved ledge conditions for future nesting.  UIC has also been generous in altering our access to the nest ledge which will ease with chick retrieval for banding.



Evanston Library Peregrine Webcam
Evanston - Evanston Public Library

We have a new one year female at Evanston this year. One of Illinois' most popular nest sites, the Evanston Peregrines have quite a following. Devoted Peregrine watchers follow this pair faithfully throughout the season from egg laying through the ever nerve-racking fledging season. Be sure to visit the Evanston Public Library's website to find the date for banding as it is open to the public.  Banding usually takes place in early June. Check the camera and you'll know its time when the chicks are still big and fluffy but their brown flight feathers are starting to come in.



One highlight of each nesting season is the flower pot nesting of our Belmont/Addison Peregrines. In the past, photographers from the UK "camped" out for the breeding season documenting everything from eggs, to young to fledging. Their images graced the pages of Audubon magazine (print and online versions), delighting folks around the world. A webcam may follow but for the moment, please follow this pair on Instagram.




Romeoville Peregrine Webcam

A new site in 2015, this pair has used a nest box on the Romeoville NRG plant. The camera was new in 2016 and through it we caught sight of a raccoon in the nest box which stole the single egg laid. While the Peregrines did not renest in the box last year, this past February a bird was seen in the box. We hope there pair will again use the box, (without raccoon interference of course). Stay Tuned!

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