Evanston Library Peregrine Banding

Education is a vital component of the work done by the Chicago Peregrine Program. This is demonstrated through the wide variety of activities we conduct throughout the year. Our website is an online information resource for the public. We continue to educate building personnel & the public about the falcons by giving workshops, visiting classrooms, and in our general day to day activities when monitoring the nesting population. We feel it is important to make an effort to increase our understanding and knowledge about the Peregrines whenever possible.

Our Peregrine Expedition can help you explore information on classroom projects and other online resources.

Research is another vital aspect of the Chicago Peregrine Program. Banding Peregrines allows us the chance to study longevity and dispersal in the species. Having the bird in hand also provides an opportunity for a variety of other studies. By collecting a small blood sample, Isabel Caballero researched the genetics of Illinois Peregrines for her studies at UIC and at the museum's Pritzker Lab. Chicks have been examined for avian ectoparasites. Addled eggs are collected each year for a continuing study on shell thickness and contaminant levels. Remains of Peregrine prey are examined to survey the diversity of the species they feed upon.

These are just a few of the studies the Chicago Peregrine Program has conducted or assisted with. Learning about the Peregrine Falcon is ongoing process to which we are dedicated.

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