Supplement to the Synopsis of Philippine Mammals

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The primary website for the Synopsis of Philippine Mammals is currently being shifted to a new software system, and we are unable to add new information. In the meantime, information about Philippine mammals, on land and in the seas, continues to accumulate as new studies are conducted. This Supplement contains accounts of species that have been formally described, or first documented in Philippine waters, since the Synopsis of Philippine Mammals was launched in March 2010. These include one shrew (genus Crocidura), seven mice (genus Apomys), and two marine mammals (of the genera Mesoplodon and Orcaella). Access to the accounts can be accomplished by clicking on the links below.

When the conversion to the new software has been completed, the species listed in the Supplement will incorporated into the Synopsis, but no date for that incorporation has yet been set.

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(Last revised 10 August 20011)