Explore new opportunities to tailor your learning experiences through the Field Encounters program.

Two preschool-age boys use interactive touch screens in an exhibition.

Discovery Circle supporters gain access to Museum programs and communications and stay in-the-know about their topic of choice. Depending on your level of support, choose up to three Field ENCOUNTERS tracks:

  • Give $250 - $499 and select one Field ENCOUNTERS theme
  • Give $500 - $999 and select up to two Field ENCOUNTERS themes
  • Give $1,000 - $2,499 and select up to three Field ENCOUNTERS themes

Choose from...

  1. Human Sciences: Field Museum anthropologists and social scientists study human evolution and the diversity of cultures and societies through field work and collections-based research. Discover our place in nature, what makes us human, our common concerns, and our differences.
  2. Exhibitions + Public Learning: Field Museum exhibitions and education programs bring science to life for learners of all ages. Explore how the experts behind these innovative projects make natural history engaging and accessible, and inspire the next generation of great scientific minds.
  3. Creatures + the Environment: Field Museum collections span the world, generating new information about our planet’s diversity and how that diversity came to be. Museum scientists then put that research into action to conserve the world’s natural treasures and improve quality of life. Learn more about the flora and fauna of our world, how humans interact with them, and how the Field is working to secure a sustainable future for the natural world.

If you are a current Discovery Circle supporter and would like to select your Field ENCOUNTERS, or if you would like more information about the program, please contact Odette Barrientos at 312.665.7789 or obarrientos@fieldmuseum.org.