Mammals Collections at Members' Nights

As we are preparing for Members’ Nights, I wanted to start by highlighting one of the more popular activities.  So popular, in fact, that we are moving it out of the Collections Resource Center and giving the Mammals Collections the entire West Lobby.  In this area, you will learn the process of how specimens are cleaned and prepared for our collections and learn how Field Museum scientists are conducting research on the evolution and ecology of mammals, and how that aids conservation efforts around the world.  But let’s face it; this is where you will see the blood and guts.  Along with skeletal elements and skins, you will see a demonstration of the process of skinning and dissection. 

I have been to the last two Members’ Nights, and I remember the first year I went, everyone told me I had to go to the Mammal Prep Lab.  I was completely unprepared for the smell that seeps down the hallway as you are going in, but once I got past that, it was fascinating to see this process.  When I walk through the halls of animals on display at the museum, I hardly ever think about the process of how they got there.  It’s really interesting to witness firsthand.  Part of the fun is the mystery of what animals will be displayed in this area.  We do not know in advance what the team will be working on that day, so it’s a mystery to everyone involved.  When you are finished learning about the mammals, this is also a fascinating place to people-watch.  I love seeing the expression on a person’s face when they first enter this area. 

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