Tropical Lichen Research Featured in Scientific Business Journal

In an NSF-funded project over the past five years, Field Museum Adjunct Curator Robert Lücking held 42 workshops on tropical mycology and lichenology (the study of fungi and lichens) in 16 countries throughout Latin America, with a total of 648 participants from 24 countries. 

A beautiful Fall Friday night at the museum

Friday evening at the museum there is a Happy Hour for any staff and others working in the museum. It take place in the Zoology Classroom, and it is a great way to end the week and get to know more about what is happening at the museum. The conversations always are different depending on who comes and who you have time to talk to. People come from all parts of the museum such as Institutional Advancement, Exhibits, Information Technology, Environmental and Conservation Programs, and the four research departments.

Meeting to find the best gene to DNA barcode fungi

Over 50 participants met from April 16-18, 2011 in Amsterdam to discuss the best gene for DNA barcoding of fungi (incl. lichens).  During this session data ITS, was identified as the best gene, based on the ease of amplification across all groups, and will be recommended as a fungal barcode.  A publication is now being prepared with full analyses of comparison of genes.

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