A large dinosaur skeleton standing on a brown surface and leaning forward menacingly, in a museum gallery

Meet SUE’s Future Neighbors: A Dino-Mite Tour Through the Hall of Dinosaurs

While SUE the T. rex is off display, there’s still a whole crew of dinos out to play. Take a tour of the Hall of Dinosaurs in Evolving Planet to get acquainted with some of SUE’s future neighbors, from fellow tyrannosaur Daspletosaurus to the super-tall sauropods. 

Two women wearing headlamps peer into the mouth of a large taxidermy elephant

Q&A with a Conservator: The Complex Cultural Use History of Elephant Ivory

Stephanie Hornbeck is our Head of Conservation. A specialist in ethnographic objects conservation, she treats a variety of artifact materials, including elephant ivory. Beyond her familiarity with ivory objects, Stephanie has a personal interest in the biological conservation of elephants, which are endangered animals.

A bright green field with a large leafy tree and sheep grazing

Closing the Clam Case and Wrapping Up a Norwegian Expedition

This is the final post in a series by Associate Curator of Invertebrate Zoology Janet R. Voight following her expedition to Norway. There, she and colleagues searched for a wood-boring clam, Xylophaga dorsalis, to study its, well, poo. Read the first post to explore the full journey.

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