How to Beat Extinction: Live Fast, Die Young

When you don’t know if you have much of a future, you focus more on the now—there’s no point in biding your time and waiting when you could die any day. It seems that evolution follows this rule too—a recent study published by Field Museum scientists in Scientific Reports reveals that for Lystrosaurus (pygmy hippo-sized mammal relatives that lived with the dinosaurs), when the going got tough, the tough got busy.

Putting Together the Pieces to Prevent Tiger Extinction

Two hundred years ago, over 60,000 tigers lived in India. This figure has since decreased by 90 percent. Today, fewer than 3,500 tigers remain in the wild, and only seven percent of the historic tiger habitat remains. These habitats, mostly scattered across India, are becoming increasingly isolated as the country continues to urbanize. Dr. Uma Ramakrishnan, a population geneticist and biodiversity ecologist at India's National Centre for Biological Sciences, uses genetic information from tigers and landscape modeling of India to help curtail this disturbing trend.  

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