Model of the Canopy Operation Access System using lichens as tree canopies

Lichens helped to establish canopy research system in French Guiana

Back in the days, our fungi and lichens Collections Manager Robert Lücking was involved in a project to design and establish a canopy access system in French Guiana for the study of the functional biodiversity of tropical rain forest canopies. The system was named COPAS: Canopy Operation Access System. To obtain initial funding for the project, Robert spent countless hours to built the model depicted here, including trees with a canopy formed by reindeer lichens.

2014 REU Intern Luis Allende

What’s in a name? That’s what we call a species – addressing species delimitation in lichenized fungi

LUIS ALLENDE Sophomore Ecology major at Northeastern Illinois University REU Mentor: Dr. Thorsten Lumbsch (Curator and Associate Director of the Integrative Research Center, S&E) Symposium Presentation Title: What's in a name? That's what we call a species - addressing species delimitation in script lichens

Tropical Lichen Research Featured in Scientific Business Journal

In an NSF-funded project over the past five years, Field Museum Adjunct Curator Robert Lücking held 42 workshops on tropical mycology and lichenology (the study of fungi and lichens) in 16 countries throughout Latin America, with a total of 648 participants from 24 countries. 

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