Woman sitting at a table in a lab, holding a marker and writing on something small

Women in Science and Art: Rebecca Banasiak, Mammals Collections Assistant and Preparator

We're highlighting women in science and art at The Field Museum and their diverse areas of research, paths to working in science, and their advice for future scientists. Hear from Rebecca Banasiak, collections assistant, mammal preparator, and scientific illustrator: How did you get to where you are?

Facts Matter at The Field Museum

In science, we're constantly striving to make new discoveries and gain a better understanding of life, nature, and the world around us.  Watch as some of our science communicators and experts take us on a tour through the Evolving Planet exhibition, showcasing just a few of many science facts you can find here. At The Field Museum, we're always doing research and learning more, and we invite you to be curious and explore the facts alongside us.

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