Archaeological ruins in the outline of a house, with trees and mountains in the background

What Ancient Houses Tell Us About McMansions and Inequality

It’s not hard to tell rich neighborhoods from poor neighborhoods. Wealthy parts of town generally have nicer cars, clean, well-groomed lawns, and, most strikingly, giant sprawling mansions. It’s nothing new: across cultures, wealth and power have been tied to large homes for thousands of years.  

A bright green field with a large leafy tree and sheep grazing

Closing the Clam Case and Wrapping Up a Norwegian Expedition

This is the final post in a series by Associate Curator of Invertebrate Zoology Janet R. Voight following her expedition to Norway. There, she and colleagues searched for a wood-boring clam, Xylophaga dorsalis, to study its, well, poo. Read the first post to explore the full journey.

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