A plane taking off from a runway in front of an orange sky

Gases, Eddies, and Why Climate Change is Messing up Your Jet-Set Life

This summer, we’re seeing news of extreme temperatures in the western US. Oh, and airplanes were grounded in Phoenix because of temperatures as high as 119 degrees Fahrenheit! Extreme heat can cause the aerodynamics near the ground to make it impossible for some aircraft to become airborne (recent articles from the New York Times and Wired do a good job explaining how this happens).

Beachgoer’s Guide to Lake Michigan Fossils and Rocks

When you think of Lake Michigan, does fossil hunting come to mind? Many people may not be aware that the beaches of Lake Michigan can be a hot spot for fossils hunters. Aside from fossils, Lake Michigan beaches are also home to many fascinating rocks. Take a look at some of the more common rocks and fossils around the lake.  

A skunk with a white zigzag pattern walking on a log

Spotted Skunk Evolution Driven by Climate Change

Climate plays a key role in determining what animals can live where. And while human-induced climate change has been causing major problems for wildlife as of late, changes in the Earth’s climate have impacted evolution for millions of years—offering tantalizing clues into how to protect animals facing climate change today.

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