The Machine Inside: Biomechanics

Fish that can project their jaws out to half their body lengths to capture prey? Spider webs stronger than steel? Discover the marvels of natural engineering—and see how we can apply the innovations of evolution.

View of the Machine Inside: Biomechanics exhibition, showing a case of shells, a wall projection of snails in grass, and the words "Built to Survive" projected on the floor in the foreground.

In this exhibition, meet scientists who investigate these plants and animals, experiment with new adaptations and applications, and learn about the future of biomechanics and biomimicry, fields that are re-energizing the imaginations of architects, engineers, and designers alike.

Highly interactive and specimen-rich, this timely, hands-on, and fun exhibition will bring the amazing science of biomechanics to life, and explore the exciting promise it holds for the future. In surveys—including a nationwide online poll—visitors and museums consistently ranked Biomechanics #1 - #2 among possible exhibition topics.


  • Gallery Requirements: 7,500 ft2 (700 m2): touring throughout North America
  • Shipping: One-way, inbound, paid by host venue (international arrangements vary)
  • Language: All text in English and Spanish; graphics designed for two languages; additional language conversion to be provided by host venue