CIMBY Summer Internships and the Environmental Leadership Internship

Each summer, CIMBY students have the opportunity to participate in a variety of internships to develop leadership skills while gaining experience working alongside scientists and environmental professionals.

The Field Museum's Environmental Leadership Internship participants use the Earth Force process to examine their community, choose a local environmental issue that they want to address in some way, and then develop a civic-action project to address that issue. In 2010, Environmental Leadership Interns identified a lack of fresh food in their neighborhoods and took steps to create positive change around this issue, including creating a short informational video to educate the community. During the summer of 2011, Environmental Leadership interns designed educational games and literature to teach the general public about greenhouse gases emitted during electricity production and its impact on the local environment. In 2014, Environmental Leadership interns created tools for educators to more clearly communicate about climate change, including this video.

Chicago Public Schools also provides funding for several CIMBY Environmental Internships each summer focused on environmental conservation, community organizing, and/or green careers. CIMBY interns have been placed with local environmental organizations in the Chicago area: Student Conservation Association/Friends of the Forest Preserves, Friends of the Parks, Little Village Environmental Justice Organization, Sand Ridge Nature Center, the National Park Foundation’s Parks Climate Challenge, Southeast Environmental Task Force, Chicago State University Aquaponics Center, and the University of Illinois Extension Master Gardeners.