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Understanding Extinction Patterns

This August and September, join The Field Museum for a series of events and programs focused on understanding extinction patterns and causes, and learn more about what we can do about it. See what lessons we’ve learned from extinct species, like the passenger pigeon, to extinct ecosystems. Hear about success stories of species that have been recovered from the brink of extinction, including the peregrine falcons and the American bison.

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The Hot Mix Dance Party 2

Join SUE the T. rex and some of the hottest mixers from across the country for a night of Ol' School House Parties at The Field Museum. VIP Packages and food and beverages available. Featuring the All-Star lineup: Scott Smokin' Silz (Original Hot Mix 5), Andre Hatchett (Chosen Few), Terry Hunter (Chosen Few), Maurice Ice Culpepper (V103), and Steve "Miggidy" Maestro.

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