The Museum will be open late - until 6pm - many days in July so you have even more time to explore!

You’re invited to embark on an expedition like no other when you go behind the scenes on a tour of our collections at The Field Museum.

See why every living thing is a machine built to survive, move, and discover, and explore how these marvels of natural engineering inspire us in The Machine Inside: Biomechanics.

The Museum is opening its hidden collections to display incredible artifacts and specimens that will bring to life one of the most spectacular events in the Windy City’s history in Opening the Vaults: Wonders of the 1893 World’s Fair.

Check out many examples of eggs from The Field Museum's collection and The Book of Eggs now on display in the Science Newsflash exhibition in Stanley Field Hall.

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Field Museum scientists and colleagues have just released a new book, entitled The Book of Eggs. The book is a lifesize guide that introduces readers to six hundred bird species from ar...
The avian tree of life has gone through big shake-up's recently--it's enough to give a condor an identity crisis...
Experience the ultimate birdwatching adventure with ornithologists John Bates and Jason Weckstein as they explore Brazil’s remote rivers in search of unique Amazonian bird life.
Inspired by the Abbott Hall of Conservation Restoring Earth exhibit? Learn how you (and your family!) can get involved in local conservation.