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Mario Longoni

Urban Anthropology Manager

Keller Science Action Center

Mario Longoni is an urban anthropologist with the Chicago research team of the Field Museum’s Environment, Culture, and Conservation (ECCo) division. Currently he is a primary field researcher on a multiyear project “Engaging Chicago’s diverse Communities in the Chicago Climate Action Plan (CCAP)” being conducted for the City of Chicago Department of Environment. The research aims to use culture as an asset for overcoming barriers to climate action and building connections between the CCAP and the full range of Chicagoan’s concerns and aspirations.

Mario is also one of ECCo's representatives to the Calumet Stewardship Initiative (CSI), where he concentrates on outreach efforts to engage more organizations and individuals in CSI's work. His involvement in the Calumet region includes coordinating an ongoing popular education effort that uses an innovative comic book to promote healthy and positive interactions between Calumet anglers and their natural environment.

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