Our Staff

Andria Niedzielski's picture
Research Assistant
Christine Niezgoda's picture
Collections Manager
Ruth Norton's picture
Chief Conservator
Neil S. Novich's picture
Former Chairman, President, & CEO, Ryerson Inc.
Ellyn Nugent's picture
Manager of Special Events
Carter O'Brien's picture
Sustainability Manager and Chair, A Greener Field
James J. O'Connor Jr.'s picture
Managing Director, MVC Capital
Jillian Orr's picture
Exhibitions Project Coordinator
Erica Osterloo's picture
Events Coordinator, IA
Mario Pariona's picture
Conservation Outreach Specialist; Coordinator
William A. Parkinson's picture
Associate Curator of Eurasian Anthropology
David C. Parry's picture
Vice Chairman, Illinois Tool Works, Inc.
Bruce Patterson's picture
MacArthur Curator of Mammals
Alison Paul's picture
Urban Conservation Educator II
Aurie A. Pennick's picture
Executive Director, The Field Foundation of Illinois, Inc.
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Member Benefits Manager
Taylor Peterson's picture
M+I Coordinator
Christopher Philipp's picture
Regenstein Collections Manager
Juliana Philipp's picture
Conservation Research Assistant
James Phillips's picture
Curator, Egypt Exhibit
Matthew Piscitelli's picture
Graduate Research Assistant
Nigel Pitman's picture
Robert O. Bass Senior Visiting Scientist
Peter B. Pond's picture
Partner, ALTA Equity Partners, LLC