Our Staff

Robert Martin's picture
A. Watson Armour III Curator of Biological Anthropology
Matt Matcuk's picture
Exhibitions Development Director
Paul Mayer's picture
Fossil Invertebrate Collections Manager
Timothy J. McCarty's picture
Chief Financial Officer, Filtration Group Corporation
Katherine (Kit) McDonnell's picture
DNA Discovery Center Resident
Caleb McMahan's picture
Collections Manager, Fishes
W. James McNerney Jr.'s picture
Chairman, President & CEO, The Boeing Co.
Bobby Mehta's picture
Former CEO, TransUnion LLC
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Traveling Exhibits Production Supervisor
Kasey Mennie's picture
Education + Outreach Programs Coordinator
Laura Milkert's picture
Stewardship Coordinator
Jenny Miller's picture
Assistant to the President & CEO
Jaclyn Miller's picture
Stewardship Manager, Corporate Sponsorship
Susan Mochel's picture
Collections Assistant
Valerie Moore's picture
Special Events Coordinator
Debra Moskovits's picture
Vice President Science and Education
Robin Mucha's picture
Legacy Giving Director
Leo F. Mullin's picture
Retired Chairman & CEO, Delta Airlines
Clare Muñana's picture
President & CEO, Ancora Associates, Inc.
Ciara Newman's picture
E & Y High School Intern