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Field Ambassadors

Field Ambassadors

The Field Ambassador program is a professional learning community through which Chicago-area educators receive on-going professional development on the Museum’s resources—our exhibitions, collections, educational programs—and best practices in using museums to support student learning. In return, Field Ambassadors serve as liaisons between the Museum and their school community by sharing our resources with colleagues and keeping us abreast of the changing needs of the educator-audience.

Since its inaugural year, the program has built relationships with more than 300 educators. New Field Ambassadors participate in 30 hours of training on the Museum’s four academic areas—Anthropology, Botany, Geology, and Zoology—and teaching strategies that effectively leverage informal learning resources. After completing the initial training sequence, Field Ambassadors become members of the Academy. Academy members are invited to continue participating in Field Ambassador training sessions, serve on our Advisory Council, and develop school-wide initiatives designed to integrate Museum resources on a larger scale.

Through the Field Ambassador program, educators…

  • Become part of a professional learning community dedicated to lifelong learning and using museum resources to support teaching practice
  • Develop skills in the effective use of the Museum’s resources—its exhibitions, collections, and educational programs—to enhance student learning
  • Develop a deeper understanding of the Museum, its history and four areas of study—Anthropology, Botany, Geology, and Zoology
  • Grow as leaders in their school communities, the Field Ambassador community, and at the Museum

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The Field Museum’s Ambassador program is one of the most engaging experiences I have had as professional growth. The content is really relevant to all grade levels and the staff give ample opportunity to make personal, relevant connections that make the s

Learn more about the requirements of participation and download an application.