Blogs & Videos: Women in Science

FMWIS Internships 2014 -- Hannah Davis

Field Museum Women in Science (FMWIS) and Women's Board of The Field Museum are proud to offer the 2014 Women in Science Internships. The internships are hosted in many departments throughout the Museum and aim to give young individuals the opportunity to gain knowledge and experience in the sciences. The 2014 FMWIS Internship Program hosted three high school and three undergraduate paid 

Meet the Field Museum Women In Science (FMWIS) Interns

Today our 2013 Field Museum Women In Science (FMWIS) summer interns shared their summer research with the public.  It was great fun to see our high school intern, Racquel Kelley, show off some of flesh eating beetles that clean the bones of the birds she is helping curate, and hear our undergraduate intern, Stephanie Morgan, get visitors of all ages excited about ants and the importance of our collections (see the associated photo). 

Video: Recovering Peregrines with Mary

"The city is just a pseudo-cliff," says Mary Hennen, explaining a Peregrine falcon's perspective on Chicago's landscape.  The narrow ledges of Chicago's skyscrapers make ideal nesting sites for Illinois's wild Peregrine falcons--a species that might not be absent from the state in the first place if not for the Chicago Peregrine Program (CPP).  Mary Hennen is the Collections Assistant in the Field Museum's Bird Division in addition to being the CPP's Director. She attributes much of the program's success to hard-working researchers and volunteers.