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Event & Meeting Spaces

Events and Meetings—all in one location!

The Field Museum will assist you in creating innovative and exciting events and meetings! The use of our event and meeting spaces provides you and your guests with complimentary general admission to the Museum’s permanent collections, which consists of 35 world-renowned exhibitions and you can purchase discount group tickets to any temporary exhibition the Museum is hosting. 

Event space is determined primarily by the event size and length and pricing is customized based on your needs. Many of our event spaces provide a unique opportunity to view a portion of the Field Museum’s world-class, permanent, collection.


Dedicated to the generous donors of The Field Museum and previously used only for internal events, this room, located on the main floor, consists of its own reception area, private bathrooms and kitchen. The room has a floor to ceiling decorative fireplace, large crystal chandelier and both South and East facing views. The rooms also consist of artifacts not able to be seen anywhere else! Full dinner seating is available for 100 or a reception for up to 125.

Founders' Room Space dimensions: 2662 sq ft. /Ceiling Height – 22ft. 6”

Founders' Room Floorplan



Recently renovated and able to accommodate 700 people, the theater commands a feeling of classic elegance with its imposing Doric-style columns, intricately carved antique moldings and beautifully detailed recessed ceiling that is nothing short of spectacular. It also offers an expansive foyer available for pre-event functions such as continental breakfasts and receptions.

James Simpson Theatre Space dimensions: 11,851 sq ft. The ceiling height for this meeting space ranges from 19 ft. – 21 ft because it is a vaulted ceiling. The arch opening of the stage if 18 ft. 10”.

James Simpson Theatre Floorplan



Located on the Balcony above Stanley Field Hall, the 150 seat EY 3D Theater has an attached private foyer. Both areas make an ideal location for a corporate outing or an added attraction to your Field Museum event. Make your next event come to life with a private viewing!



Cocktail with giant pandas, Bengal tigers and many other Asian mammals before dining in front of the Serengeti plains and famous Lions of Tsavo. Rice Hall accommodates 140 for dinner and 300 for receptions.

Rice Hall Floorplan

Rice Hall Wing Floorplan



Located on our lower level, these spaces can be used for small meetings, break-out rooms and events. The classrooms have varying capacities, but the largest can accommodate up to 100 people for a reception.

Classroom A Space dimensions: 
815 sq ft./ Ceiling Height – 11 ft. 9”  Classroom B Space dimensions:
 1227 sq ft./ Ceiling Height – 10 ft. 8”
  Classroom C Space dimensions:
 657 sq ft./ Ceiling Height – 9 ft. 6”

Classrooms A and B Floorplan

Classroom C Floorplan



Renovated in 2007 with high-back cushioned seats for 158 guests, new carpeting and lighting, permanent stage and state of the art technology, The Montgomery Ward Lecture Hall is located on the lower level of the Museum and is perfect for meetings, seminars, and more! It is also conveniently located next to our marble West Lobby which can be used for registration, continental breakfasts and breaks. Pair with our classrooms for break-out space or our James Simpson Theatre as guest overflow.

Space dimensions: 1450 sq. ft. /Ceiling Height - Near stage 13 ft. 11”/ Near Door 11 ft. 11”

Montgomery Ward Lecture Hall and Lecture Hall II Floorplans



Another convenient break-out room or meeting space, Lecture Hall II has the ability for multiple set-ups including schoolroom, theater, or banquet. It contains a small 13.5’ x 5.5’ stage which is great for presentations and interactive workshops!

Space dimensions: 1084 sq. ft. /Ceiling Height – 11 ft. 9”

Montgomery Ward Lecture Hall and Lecture Hall II Floorplans



The marble West Lobby is ADA accessible and available for pre and post receptions for the James Simpson Theatre or the Montgomery Ward Lecture Hall.

West Lobby Floorplan



Gleaming marble interiors and “Sue”, the largest, Tyrannosaurus rex fossil yet discovered, await you in stately Stanley Field Hall. Cocktail in the balcony and dine in the grand hall, before exploring North American Indians and traversing the vast African countries. This premiere space accommodates up to 1500 for a seated dinner and 7500 for a reception.

Stanley Field Hall Floorplan

Stanley Field Hall Balcony Floorplan



The architectural splendor of The Field Museum is celebrated in our East Entry Atrium and Pavilion. The Atrium is a sky lit beauty providing easy access to our building from the east side of the museum. Guests enter the atrium and may cocktail in the entryway or in the adjoining pavilion. The two areas will provide reception space for up to 500 guests and full dinner seating for up to 350.

East Atrium & Pavilion Floorplan



This exhibition takes visitors on an awe-inspiring journey through 4 billion years of life on Earth, from single-celled organisms to towering dinosaurs and our extended human family. The unique event space is located in the middle of the exhibition and can accommodate 75 for a reception and 40 for dinner seating. To find out more information about this exhibition, visit ourEvolving Planet website.

Evolving Planet Event Space Floorplan



The formation of The Field Museum Library’s collections began in 1894 with initial transfers of books from the libraries of various departments of the World’s Columbian Exposition of 1893. Currently, the Library serves the Museum’s staff, visiting scholars and the general public. Located in a non-public area on the third floor, this space works well paired with a Behind the Scenes tour. This unique space is able to accommodate 20 for dinner or 40 for reception.

Library Floorplan



Now available for special events, the Marae Gallery is the perfect location for an intimate event. The gallery includes access to the Maori Meeting House: Ruatepupuke II, an exquisitely carved structure said to embody the beloved ancestor whose name it bears. The Marae Gallery provides reception space for up to 90 guests and full dinner seating for up to 50 guests.


Meet the piercing gaze of Bushman, one of the most popular primates ever. Located on the ground level, Siragusa accommodates up to 250 for dinner and 400 for receptions.

Siragusa Center Floorplan



Cocktail and dine under the stars as you marvel at the breathtaking views of Chicago’s skyline and Lake Michigan. The Field Museum’s terrace(s) accommodate 250 for dinner or up to 1000 for receptions.



This child-friendly exhibition explores the life of creatures who live underground and allows guests to have a “bug’s eye” view of the world! Event space is located at the end of the exhibition and can accommodate 150 for a seated dinner and 200 for a reception.

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